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My sarangi

This is a rare but beautiful Indian instrument, that must be played with a bow and also the back of fingernails. I don't know exactly how do you make this, but it has two sets of strings, the upper four ones which you tune with the bigger pegs in the top of the instrument, and another 13 more contacting the fingerboard and tuned with the lateral smaller pegs. These latter strings are put like in a psalterion, it is, in a scaled way to use the same caliber string but setting different notes.

The instrument looks like being very old. But the most impressive characteristic of this sarangi is its wonderful hand-painting work, in the soundboard (made with some kind of skin) and in the back. The paint is actually very well conserved.

I bought this instrument in an antiques' shop by a very low price. I was lucky, not much people would buy a stuff like this!

Front and 3/4 images


Details from the soundboard


Details from the fingerboard/pegbox

Details from the back

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