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Photo & sound gallery - page 4

Ouds made by luthier Richard Hankey.


Replica of 1958 Georges Nahat, built in 1978 in Berkely CA. Yes, it's real ivory except the small roses, which are whalebone (all antique
pre-ban material). Electrified with twin internal 3 axis transducers, wired for stereo output.

Turkish style made in Boulder Creek, CA in 1981. The face is five
pieces from a 100 year old piano sound board. The back is California lemon wood and Hawaiian Koa nut with claro walnut purfling. Also electrified in stereo. Offered for sale at US $1,500.

Persian Barbat, 22 inch string length with a 10 inch neck and a map of Iran for the pick guard


 Restored 1902 Nahat

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