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Photo & sound gallery - page 1


1) My own oud: a Syrian one, made by Ali Khalifeh and sons from Damascus, Syria. A nice 15-rib instrument, with an uncommon long sustain. The girl is my older daughter Sabrina. You could hear a brief mp3 on the main page, and here you can download some short excerpts belonging to wonderful Hamza El Din.


Water Wheel 1 (195 Kb)

Water Wheel 2 (322 Kb)

Your love is ever young (updated version - 660 Kb)

Amen (870 Kb)


2) Alan Rophie's oud (Syrian Nahaat?). Front, back and detail photos. An instrument with a particular tone.

Medley (300 Kb)


3) Jang Yuhua's old Turkish oud. Made in Istanbul in 1920 by Chamli Skender. Player included, front and detail

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