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Oud mailing list

> Bored about lute mailing lists, very interesting for lute but not so much for oud players?

> Would you like to share your knowledge or your questions with other oud people?

It was time to have a only-oud list. Seriously speaking, I got tired about lute lists, which are certainly helpful but not specifical for oud. Now, we oud people have our own oud mailing list!

To access it, please fill out the box below with your email address, then click on the big violet button to join. Important! due to some spamming we were suffering last times, the oudlist access is now restricted, so I must approve any application. This is for our convinience and most members agree with this. So, once subscribed I will contact with you as soon as possible, to ask you a couple of questions regarding why are you interested in this nice list. Then you will be in. Thanks for your interest!

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