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 :: The oud site for beginner players, as well as anyone else interested in ouds ::


    Online since Dec 1999 - Last updated Dec 16, 2006

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Time & temp in  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Make your own oud !

Yes, now you can build your own tailored oud. Check it out "make your oud" section, to see a construction book and my own building project.  




An "only oud" list, where you can mail and read Q & A about ouds.

Members today: > 300


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Rosettes databank

Take some ideas if you want to design your own rose for your future oud. Visitors

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Oud Strings: sound physics, brands, tests, etc

Learn more about how a string works, know about different oud strings brands with my own comments.  




Scheduled meetings to chat about oud stuff. Stay tuned !  

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Photo gallery


Look at some weird and nice ouds, pridely shown by their owners.   Do you like my site? Maybe you want to collaborate with it, you actually can do it in many ways...

Thanks for your interest !


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Playing technique




Very soon !

(yes, finally I got a digital camera! :-)

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