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The Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are located at NE of Argentina, in the so called "triple border" between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. They are the most impressive falls around the world, largely overpassing Niagara and Victoria ones. They have 275 waterfalls of about 80 meters, and a lenght of 1.2 km. (more info on )

We went there in sept/oct 2001, and these are some photos of the travel.

Me and my family, sight from the Brazilian border

My daughters Sabrina and Barbara, sight from the Argentinian border
Me and my daughters, a boat ride across and below the falls (Argentinian border). An incredible (and very wet) experience!


The Bird Park, on the Brazilian side. A tucan with my daughters, a parrot with me


My wife and daughters, sight from the Brazilian border

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