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This page is intended for these people interested on ouds. It has no commercial purposes, and the pictures on it has been taken by me, or kindly given by friends. The animated GIFs on it are under public domain as far as I know, but if anyone feels someone of them is of private use, please email me with a reasonable argument and I'll replace it from my page as soon as possible.

About the links, I've chosen them because of their quality of info about ouds, independently of their commercial or non-commercial intentions.

Regarding Buy & Sell section, I just act as a link between the parts, and I have no interference regarding the deals. I mark out any responsability about the deals.

I must apologize if you find some grammar mistakes on the text, English isn't my first language and I learnt it in a non-formal way (OK, by myself).

Any other question you want to ask me, email me!

Pablo D. A. Gonzalez

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