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Want to collaborate?

This oud site is intended to be the most complete tool possible, for anyone who loves ouds. So, I can't do the whole job for it, don't you believe? :-)

As you can see surfing my ever growing site, there are many sections which could be improved if you have the willing to send, for instance: photos of your own oud, articles regarding oud care or fixing, CD comments, useful links, etc etc. All sent info will be tested and, if suitable, uploaded to this site.

My email:

My snailmail: Pablo Gonzalez

                 Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz 1644 (C1416BWH)

                 Buenos Aires, Argentina

I want to thank you all the stuff I received through these years online, not only info but plectra, strings, CDs, and so on. I hope to continue receiving your whole support.