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Changes in Version 1.7c of Pipey's Flash Chat

Files changed in this version:

The following files have been altered in this version:

Changes made:

Changed the code which generates a cookie for banned users.

Changes in Version 1.7 of Pipey's Flash Chat

Files changed in this version:

The following files have been altered in this version:

The following new files have been added:

The free version of the chat does not contain any of the .fla files.

Changes made:

Added a random parameter to all LoadMovie actions in the Flash movies. This helps to prevent caching of ASP files by the web server. The problem only affected a small number of users, but had quite serious effects since chat text wasn't loading beyond the first line.

Returned to a 'one version only' implementation of the chat. The only version of the chat is now the 'no font outlines' version. This means that the chat will use your system fonts for all text, and should therefore support most languages and character sets. I removed the version with embedded font information to keep the chat easier to update. The other benefit is that the chat is now more compact. If you have the registered version of the chat (with the .fla files), you can of course edit the movies to include font outlines if you wish.

Added a new setting to chat_ini.asp (which contains all user-configurable settings for the chat). There is now a section called [sounds]. This currently contains one line, which can be either sounds=1 or sounds=0. This setting is use to enable or disable the 'click' sound when new text appears. The setting affects all users of the chat. The default setting is ON (sounds=1). The main chat movie (mainchat.swf) now loads the sound configuration setting from sound.asp.

Added another new section to chat_ini.asp. This section is [Logout]. It can contain one line (which is optional) to redirect the user to another page when they exit the chat through the menu. For instance, if the chat_ini.asp contains the lines:


the user will be redirected to Google when they exit the chat through the menu. Of course, if they close the browser window instead, they won't be redirected!

Added a check to ensure that the chat is installed to a virtual directory (with a working global.asa). The chatroom.asp script now checks for a session variable set in global.asa. If this variable ('ChatInitialised') is not set, then a warning message is displayed and the chat will not run. You can disable the check by removing it from chatroom.asp, but this is not recommended. This check should reduce the number of emails I get from people who do not have the chat installed properly and find that users don't get logged out if they close the browser window.

Added a default.asp page, which provides information on how to integrate the chat into your site. Included also is login_html.asp (which allows the user to log into any of the available chat rooms on your site). This shows how you can integrate the chat more fully into your site.

The 'About' dialog box now has the correct contact email address for obtaining the commercial version of the chat (

Changes in Version 1.6h of Pipey's Flash Chat

Files changed in this version:

Three files have been changed in this version. The free version of the chat does not contain the .fla file.

Changes made:

Fixed the user list so that it now displays text correctly in the user-specified language.
There are two more lines in the language section in chat_ini.asp.
I have added these to [Language_English] so that the english text works. If you are using a different language, you will need to add these lines to your language section, and put the words in your language.

The lines are:


This sets the text displayed in the Rooms dialog box.
When there is only 1 user in a room, it uses the txtUser setting to show the users, for example 'Room 1 (1 user)'.
When there are no users, or more than one user, it uses the txtUsers setting, for example 'Room 2 (4 users)'.

The other change is quite a major one. There are now two versions of all the flash files.
The first (normal version) contains font outlines. This means that fonts will be anti-aliased and look smoother. This version is only suitable for languages using western character sets (english, spanish, french or whatever), and will not display non-western characters correctly.

The second version does not contain any font outlines. It will use whatever system font is available on the user's browser. This means that languages such as russian, hebrew, thai etc. should display correctly. Because the fonts are not included in the movies, the movies are smaller (and so are also useful if you want the smallest file sizes). The only compromise is that the fonts will not look as smooth as they do in the 'normal version'. The replacement files needed for this version are contained in the archive