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About me...

My name is Pablo D. A. Gonzalez, and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 35 y.o, and I have a wife (Beatriz) and two beautiful daughters named Sabrina (8) and Barbara (4).

Me and my family, our vacations in Aguas Verdes (feb 01)

I started to study music at the age of 5, and stopped at 20 y.o. when preparing to enter to the University. These 15 years I studied guitar, Renaissance lute and piano. During my career, I played music just sparsely. Now I'm a medical doctor, more precisely a gastroenterologist and endoscopist:

Not a funny stuff for musicians, I know, then I'll close the topic! Also I'm a beginner writer, and one of my short stories was awarded with the "Dr. Eduardo Wilde" prize, in a contest organized by Municipal Medical Assn. of Buenos Aires, 1999.

Returning to music, finishing 1998 I saw in a shop the nice Syrian oud you could see on the main page. I knew nothing about Arabic music or ouds, but I could'n resist to buy it. And it was a wonderful decision. Soon I contacted very kind and friendly people on a lute mailing list, and I began to learn about the topic.

I find very funny to play my oud. I know that I need more time and training to reach a good technique, since the Arabic music theory and practice are quite different from my strong Western musical education. But I'm sure it'll be possible to get a more accurate playing in the future!

This page is, as you read on the titles, intended for beginner players or just for any people interested on ouds, wanting to know a little more about them. I hope sincerely this info will be helpful for you.

Thank you for visiting my oud page!

Buenos Aires, dec 99.

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