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Repairing slightly unwounded strings

by Pablo D. A. Gonzalez


Oud strings are not so easy to get as guitar ones. Also, the lack of a floating bridge (at least in most ouds) sometimes unwounds the string in the "angle zone" caused by the string loop in the bridge.

I use Pyramid strings, which are certainly excellent ones. A couple of months after putting a set, I found that A (4th) metal string got spontaneously slightly unwounded. I had another set indeed, but I didn't want to use it. So, I tested the use of cyanoacrilate glue, cutting a small piece of this string obtained of the tip of it. I manually unwounded it like looking as the main one, then I put a drop of this glue and forced to "rejoin" the wire, approaching the fingers and making a soft twisting movement. It got glued, and almost two years later it continues so.

I can't assure if this procedure works with other string brands, like D'Addario or LaBella. Anyway, there's nothing bad to test it with the small string piece taken from the tip. Also, I didn't test if it works with nylon-wounded strings.

Try to use the best cyanoacrylate glue brand you can get in your country. There are many useless (cheap) brands, that are very liquid and with a poor adhesivity.

I'd like to know if you use this technique, how it worked for you. Thank you!

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