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My oud building project


R o s e t t e

1. The original design I chose, an Islamic art picture. It is a phrase: "Mohammed is the messenger of Allah" 2. The first approach to a circular pattern. The problem: to fill out the blank spaces! 3. I completed the blank spaces with this floral pattern, based on another rosette. Ready to go!
4. The wood disk, 130 x 4 mm. It's a laminated wood of guatambu, a local (South American) one. 5. The 3-coated "sandwich". Using this kind of wood makes easier the delicate cutting, according Richard Hankey (he's right of course). 6. The jeweler's filigree saw. The blades are very very thin, a dozen of them measuring 1 mm diameter.
7. The cooking table I used to stand the rosette while cutting. 8. Rosette partially cut. Note the small holes in every section, by them I pass the blade every time I start to saw. I am doing wrong leaving big blank spaces in the "text" area, but I do like this pattern and don't want to change it. We'll see if it works out... 9. A more advanced stage of cutting.

10. Finished work. It is not so easy to make, and I broke more than a dozen blades (they are so thin...). Anyway I will process it with an scalpel with a tiny blade, and sandpaper in the places where it can be applied carefully.

* * * * *